Tillorps Mekaniska

(The Tillorp Locomotive Works)

Image from Skövde Model Railroad Club layout.

At this place you can download a complete NMRA compatible DCC system.
The system includes command station, handheld throttles and boosters with schematics, etch patterns and all information needed to build your own system.

Also other things about railroad modelling are going to be dealt with here.

TMWDCC . A simple 8 throttle, NMRA compatible DCC system, with easy decoder programming capability. (ver 1.34)

TMWDCC2 . A preview on a more advanced DCC system that I am toying with right now. Including DIY Radio Throttles.

Wireless throttle. Run your trains with an inexpensive TV-remote. A NMRA compatible DCC system.

A simple actuator you connect to a decoder. Use it to open doors or couplers or......

The TB-coupler. Drawings and pictures to build a neat European coupling.

PIC Programmers.PIC16C84, PIC12C509 and PIC12CE519 processor programming tools.

WNJ Skövde Model Railroad Club

ADCC's Homepage. Robert Backway has a great site with lots and lots of DCC links and articles.

Accurail. A good search engine when looking for old articles in MR magazines.

Links in Swedish.

Westergötland-Nerikes Jernvägar(WNJ).Skövde Model Railroad Club. A lot of spectacular modell pictures from a beautiful Swedish club layout.

Tekno Bygg A source for metric screws, dies, taps and a lot of nice white metal castings and brass kits for your scenery. E.g. Volvo cars, gas pumps and caravan trailers. Also TMWDCC PCBs.

Västerås-Modulens specifikation är hemflyttad..

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