Like in any DCC system, you need to install decoders in your locomotives to run them in a digital way. TMWDCC follow the NMRA Standards and RPs, so you can use any NMRA compatible decoder you can find. The system is tested together with all the major brands of decoders, and they run just fine on this system. I have tested with Lenz, Digitrax, Roco, ZTC, MRC, Soundtrax, Arnold, NCE, SystemOne, EasyDCC, Zimo, Kuhn, Conrad, Völkner, LGB, Vehn and also with some homebrew decoders. For info on the commercial decoders, go to their home pages, and if you would like to build your own decoders, go to the links I show hereunder.

DIY Decoders.

. PIC programming tools for the PIC processors in the DIY decoders.

. Dean Probst This is where the homebrew decoder thing begun.

Heiko´s pages, with a Z-scale DIY locomotive decoder.

Georg Ziegler´s pages, with a very small DIY locomotive decoder, built up without using a PCB.

the MERG group´s pages, with among a lot of other DIY goodies, two H0-scale locomotive decoders and an accessory decoder by Mike Bolton.

Pekka Siiskonen´s pages showing how he has a modified Dean Probst decoder to be less sensitive to dirty track and other Brown-Out situations. Also a picture of his TMWDCC system.

Commercial Decoders.

. Arnold

. Atlas

. CVP Products

. Digitrax

. Kuhn

. Lenz



. North Coast Engineering

. PicLoc

. RealRail Effects


. Soundtraxx

. Umelec

. Wangrow Electronics

. Zimo Elektronik


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