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The TMWDCC Software is a DOS program that will make your PC to behave as a DCC Command station. You can use any old PC, 8086, 80286 or 80386. Also a 80486 or a Pentium. The only features you need in the PC are a printer port and a game port. You donīt even need a harddisk, the program can run on a bootable floppy.

Make a TMWDCC working directory by typing md tmwdcc. Change into the directory typing cd tmwdcc and copy the zipped program to it. Unzip the file using winzip or pkunzip. Also unzip the file Now remove the .dec files that you do not need. They all have names that correspond to decoder types. If you do not have any e.g. ZTC decoders, remove the ztcxxx.dec files and if you do not have any Lenz decoders, remove the Lenz .dec files. Remember, you can only have up to 10 .dec files.

To make the program run, boot your PC with DOS ver3, 5 or 6. TMWDCC does NOT run from Windows or from a Windows DOS screen ! Change into your working TMWDCC directory and load the driver by typing (xx meaning the version number of the driver) The driver loads and uses the LPT1 printerport. If you want to use LPT2 you type 2 instead. Now you start TMWDCC by typing tmwxxx.exe (xxx meaning the version number of the program).

. (52K) Version 1.34 of the TMWDCC software.

. Tmw133CI is an experimental version of ver 1.33 that lets you play with a CTC program linked to TMWDCC. This is a Beta version.

. Tmw133IR is an experimental version of ver 1.33 that lets you control a train with a normal wireless TV remote. This is a Beta version.

Bits and bytes. A description on the terminologi of bits,bytes,binary,hexadecimal and decimal, in the decoder manuals.

Locomotive programming. A description on the .dec files and how to use them.

Routes or turnout ganging. A description on the .rot files and how to use them.

News in ver 1.34.
Programming on the main for accessory decoders.

News in ver 1.33.
Clean up of menues and messages.
Screen now shows unplugged throttles.
Screen now shows loco number, speed and direction of locomotives assigned to unplugged throttles.
Possible to assign and free locos to/from unplugged throttles.
Auto clear screen when no activity at the keyboard.
Fast commands for assigning locos.
Fast commands for writing single CVs in Service Mode.

News in ver 1.32
Route-, turnout- and, accessory commands enabled from the IR remote.
MUing enabled from the IR remote.
The Emegency Stop function is corrected (again).

News in ver 1.31
Programming on the main added.
The Emegency Stop function is corrected.

News in ver 1.30
Direct mode decoder programming corrected.
The IR version now has a better learn procedure.

News in ver 1.29 :
Routes implemented. (Turnout ganging)
Faster reading of Speed Tables in Service Mode
Minor adjustments of Service Mode.
New programming mode for older ROCO decoders.(roc)
Slower browsing of locos when selecting a loco with the type-c throttle.
10 decoder types in stead of nine.
TMWDCC ver 1.29CI can talk to WinLok
TMWDCC ver 1.29IR can listen to a TV remote

News in ver 1.28 :
Never released due to a bug in the type C-throttle handler.

News in ver 1.27 :
Possibility to select a locomotive from a type C throttle. TMWDCC now automaticly selects a programming mode that works with the selected decoder type.

News in ver 1.26 :
A one button and a knob, five function throttle. (Type C)

News in ver 1.25 :
Better programming capabilities.
New programming mode for ZTC decoders in Direct CV Mode.
Possibility to throw switches and to controll other acessories.

News in ver 1.24 :
Supports Throttle type B with 5 functions (F0/FL-F4) (Function F4 can not yet be controlled by the throttle).
Supports Throttle expansion to up to 8 throttles.
14/28 speed mode selection per locomotive.
Aux function refresh every 2 seconds.

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